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Event: PrachinBuri Agricultural Fair
Event Dates: 1May 2015–30 June 2015.
The venue: at the courtyard of the Royal Monument of King Rama V, Prachin Buri
           In Prachin Buri, there are many agricultural products: fruits and vegetables such as durian, mangosteen, santol, jackfruit, pomelo, bamboo shoot, and community products. To promote the agricultural products with quality of the province, disseminate knowledge andexhibit academic progress of public sector and private sector for farmers, and promote agricultural tourism to be recognized more, the province holds this fair with interesting activities including a flea market selling agricultural products and general merchandise, contest of quality fruits (durian, santol, pomelo, mangosteen, jackfruit) and the bamboo shoots of rough giant bamboo, agricultural activities of Prachin Buri where you can visit an agricultural exhibition and so on, watch the shows from many local artists throughout the event.
          Call for more information at TAT Prachin Buri Office, Tel: 0 3731 2282.


Event: Royal Ploughing Ceremony
Event Date: 13 May 2015.
Venue: at Sanam Luang, Bangkok
          For the Royal Ploughing Ceremony to be held at Sanam Luang, it is a royal ceremony held to bring about prosperity to Thai farmers. It is aimed to encourage farmers who are the backbone of the nation. It is theceremony that has been succeeded for a long time to promote the prosperity to the crops and to predict the weather and the yield to grow in the upcoming harvest season.
          For more information, contact TAT Bangkok Office, Tel: 0 2276 2720.

2015-05Calendar-003 Event: Festival of Lychee and Best Products of Phayao
Event Dates: During 19 May 2015 –25 May 2015.
Venue: At Klang Wiang Stadium beside Phayao Bus Terminal
          In the past, Lychee growers suffered from the concentration of production released to the market in the same period with high volume, unable to release the products out of the market on time. As the lychee has short shelf life, is easy to turndark on its surface and there are few buyers in the area, so the farmers had to face the problem of tumbling price during the production season. So the Province has organized such event up in order to release the lychee produced in this year.  The activities include a contest of lychee parade and best products of nine districts, Miss Lychee contest, contest of fresh and processed lychee, a demonstration of desserts with lychee, lychee selling, community market, blue flageconomy products, exhibitions including shows and entertainments on stage throughout the event.
          For more information, call TAT Chiang Rai Office, Tel: 0 5371 7433.
2015-05Calendar-004 Event: Festival of Fruits and Best Products of Rayong
Event Dates: During 22 May 2015 – 28 May 2015
Venue: at Ta Phong Fruit Central Market, Rayong
          The event has been organized with an automobile parade adorned with fruits, fruits contest, selling of the fruits and seafood products. This is aimed to boost sales and tourism, focusing on the main fruits of the province, i.e. durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longan and pineapple. In the festival, there are many interesting activities such as automobile parade adorned with fruits, Miss Orchard, contests and sales of fruit products, seafood and other processed foods
          Call for more information at TAT Rayong Office, Tel: 0 3865 5420.
2015-05Calendar-005 Event: Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar Festival
Event Dates: During 14 May 2015 –21 May 2015
Venue: Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai Province
          On the 12th day of waning moon of the 8thlunar month, a merit making ceremony into Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar will begin at 14:00 hr, with the mayor of Chiang Mai giving a speech to invite FonSaen Ha, a Buddha statute, together with oblation, leaving Wat Chedi Luang, turning left and following Prapokkloa Road to pass Three Kings Monument, then turning right onto Ratchavithi Road to Chang Moi Road, New Chang Moi Road, Tha Phae Road, Ratchadamnoen Road to KlangWiang Intersection, then turning left and following Prapokkloa Road into Wat Chedi Luang. And then, at 15.00hr, the opening ceremony of Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar will be started by the governor of Chiang Mai hitting a gong 9 times,monks in Inthakhin temple, reciting Chaimongkol prayer, lighting incenses and bathing Fon Saen Ha-the Buddha statute, placing a tray of flowers as an offering to worship Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar. And at17.00hr., 9 monks will chant prayers to celebrate the Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar, and then you can watch the play of native gamelan, and dancing to worship the Inthakin Chiang Mai Pillar and watch cultural performances of Lanna.
          Call for more information at TAT Chiang Mai Office, Tel: 0 5327 6140.

Event: Rocket Festival in Yasothon
Event Dates: During 8 May 2015 – 10 May 2015
Venue: At Phaya Thaen Park in front of Mueang Yasothon District Office
          Rocket festival is one of “Heed Sib-sorng (tradition that is practised according to the ceremonies of twelve months)” of the Northeast, including neighboring Laos. This is from a legend of the folk tales of the Northeast entitled “Phraya Khan Khak”, “Pha Daeng Nang Ai”. Such folk tales mentioned that the villagers organized a rocket festival to worship “Phraya Thaen or Watsakan the god” who, in the villagers’ belief, was responsible for taking care of the rain to rain seasonally and had a passion for fire. If any village does not conduct the rocket festival, it would not rain according to the season and may cause disaster to the village.
           The festival features many interesting activities such as a parade of fireballs, Saen fireballs, Mueng fileballs, and watching lifestyle of those who make the fireballs and atmosphere to make the fireballs, etc. For those who are interested can get information and further details at Mueang Yasothon Municipality
          Call for more information at TAT Ubon Ratchathani Office, Tel: 0 4524 3770.