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Strawberry Fair at... Doi Ang Khang

     For strawberry in Thailand, the Royal Project Foundation brought to test growing long time ago. After successful trial and research, it was promoted to hill tribe farmers to plant it in order to build a career for the tribesmen. The Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station of Fang District, Chiang Mai also is the one that has the potential to produce strawberry to be eaten as the fresh fruit since it has the suitable environment to grow.

     Promoting plantation of strawberries for eating the fresh berries of the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station was introduced in year 1992 by promoting the Black Lahu hill tribe farmers (Lau Na) of Khob Dung Villahe. Later, in year 1996, the promotion of production has been expanded to Palaung tribe (Da-ang) of Nor Lae Village. At present, there are farmers having been encouraged in both villages, totally 80 persons. The species of strawberry which is grown are developed by the Royal Project Foundation in collaboration with teachers from Kasetsart University so that the hill tribe farmers are successful in growing the strawberries and living better and at present it brings about increased number of the farmers interested in growing strawberries with total area of 80 rais. Additional to the main income from planting strawberries, the people there also have supplementary income from the sale of handicrafts of the tribe to the tourists who come to see the beauty of planting strawberries as well.

     At present, promotion of the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station has been developed continuously in the area of supply of new species, which the one is promoted for the farmers to test planting is Royal 80 which is the specie giving good yield with large and good quality fruit, and good taste, and plantation will be expanded more in the future by growing under the quality production system meeting GAP standard (Good Agriculture Practice) and is currently in the process of applying for certificate of GLOBAL GAP. For safety of consumers and the farmers and to allow consumers to know the strawberries produced by the Royal Project Foundation, the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station provides Strawberry Fair of Royal Project Foundation to be held on 22 January 2013 from 8:00 to 18:00 hr. at Exhibition Field and Data Center of Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station. In the fair, there will be the exhibition of beginning of growing strawberry of the Royal Project Foundation, show of various species of the Royal Project Foundation, various forms for growing strawberries, visiting the strawberry research and promotion bed, contest of quality of strawberry yields, demonstration and distribution of food from strawberry (for this fair only), together with selecting to buy fresh strawberry product and products processed from strawberry. The highlight of this fair is the dome of giant strawberry which is built to welcome tourists in this fair, and the beauty of winter flowers that bloom throughout the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station in this time. If you feel interested to attend the Strawberry Fair, contact the Royal Project Foundation at 053-450077, 053-450107-9.