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Urban Community Museum…Lamphun People

     Khum Chao Racha Samphanthawong was worth in 1912 in the reign of Chao Luang Chakkham Khachonsak, the 10th ruler of Lamphun (1911-1943), which corresponds to the reign of King Rama VI. The building is a kind of Saranai as a large 2-storey house. The lower floor was formed with bricks. The upper floor is made of wood. Its roof is a hipped gable roof. It is a residence of Chao Racha Samphanthawong and Princess Songlar Samphanthawong. Later, in 1945, a group of Chinese traders in Lamphun contributed to purchase land and the building as a place for meeting. Later in 1946, it was opened as a Chinese language school called Wun Zheng but in 1949 it was shut down for political reasons since at that time the government had an eye on Chinese associations for doubt of communism. And in 1952, it was renamed and had a change on curriculum to conform to the Ministry of Education to be Mongkol Wittaya School.

     And most recently the Lamphun Municipality by Mr. Praphas Phucharoen, the mayor, saw importance of the historic building, and also would like to preserve the architectural integrity of the building. So, I established as a project of Community Museum of Lamphun municipality, exhibiting antique pictures of Lamphun, supplies and appliances, and community life of Lamphun in the past, divided into three rooms: 100-year Lamphun history room through the antique photos, room of History of Khum Chao Racha Samphanthawong, and the room of lifestyle, cultures and traditions of Lamphun people in the past.

     Therefore, in the weekend: Saturday-Sunday, please be invited to search for the past and smile of the old days at Lamphun Urban Community Museum, opening from 09.00 to 17.00 hr. every day.