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Kru Se mosque, Pattani Province

     Kru Se mosque is a brick building of 15.10 meters wide, 29.60 meters long and 6.50 meters high, with cylindrical pillar imitating the Gothic style of Europe. Its doors and windows are a curve and rounded shape as Gothic style. Dome and roof construction is not completed. Its bricks look like bricks in Ayutthaya period. The mosque has some bricks at its base similar to one of Dvaravati period mixed.

     A legend has been told from one generation to next generation that in the age that the Pattani ruler is a queen named Raya Biru (1608-1624), was a Chinese called Lim Dao Kian came to stay in Pattani and became an Islam, and then refused to return to China. Lim Go Niao, his sister, came to ask his brother to return to China to take care of his mother she became old according to tradition of Chinese. But he refused to return because he was assigned by the Pattani ruller assigned to control construction of Kru Se mosque and he would like to stay there until the completion of construction. Therefore, Lim Go Niao suicided to protest against his brother’s intention. But before she died she prayed that even how skilled in construction her brother is, but construction of this mosque would never be successful. With the power of her curse, it appears that Lim Dao Kian could not complete the construction. He tried to build the roof and dome for three times and when they almost were completed, a thunderbolt occurred to destroy such roof and dome every time. This scared Lim Dao Kian somuch. So, he left the building unfinished until now.

    Kru Se mosque is located at Ban Krue Se, Moo 2, Tan Yong Lulo Sub-district, Mueang District, Pattani Province, from downtown of Pattani to the Kru Se mosque on Phetchkasem road, Pattani-Narathiwat route.

    Thanks to Mr. Aman Madadam, Director of TAT, Narathiwat Office, Address: 102/3 Moo 2, Narathiwat - Tak Bai Road, T. Kaluwo Nua Sub-district, Mueang District, Narathiwat 96000, Tel. 0-7352-2411.