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Green Seasonat Mae Hong Son..

     Mae Hong Son is a border province having boundary adjoining Myanmar, located at the western end of the northern region, far about 924 kilometers from Bangkok, with area approximately 12,681.259 square kilometers. Currently it is divided into seven administrative districts: Muang, Mae Sariang, Khunyuam, Pai, Mae La Noi, Sob Boei, and Pang Ma Pha Muang. It also is called “Mueang Sam Mok (Triple Fog City)” because it is located in a valley engulfed by folded mountains stretched parallel with the Thanon Thongchai Range and the Daen Lao Range. It is therefore covered with fog year-round and natural beauty views of the wrapped mountains and forests of countless plants and similarly compared as the “Switzerland of Thailand”.

     Tourism and Sports Mae Hong Son would like to inviteboth Thai and foreign tourists to join "Green Season at Mae Hon Son” project to boost tourism in low season or Green Season. You willexperience an atmosphere of touring during the rainy season of this year, especially those who enjoy the natural beauty of the green forest, beautyview, and field steps covered with mist in the rainy season. This brings about beauty to Mae Hon Son lo less than the winter. So, travelers like to come to experience the natural being and the fresh green of Mae Hon Son and enjoy the adventure tourism activities such as rafting the Pai River, the village of Yunnan Chinese Cultural Centre (Santichon House), Ban Rak Thai (Mae Or), learning the ways of life of various tribes, Royal Thought Project Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung), Kaew Komon Park (Kaew Komon Cave), Mae Surin National Park, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, Lawa Village ( Lua ) Mae La Up and so on.

     And at Nam Phiang Din Village, in Pha Bong Sub-district, is a place where tourists like to cruise along Pai river through Ban HuaiDua to Nam Phiang Din Village by long-tailed boat. It takes about one hour.Along the route of cruising, you will pass the rippleswith reduced levels in descending order like a waterfall. It is a sight looking beautiful and strange. The prominent point of Nam Phiang Din Village is the way of life of Pak Dong people(Karen long neck). Costumes of them, a man wears trousers and a shirt with a turban. Women ware hip-length white cylindrical shirt, knee-length black skirt, and have forelock, turban, wear a brass necklace to prevent evils and the cross-tribal marriage. Pak Dong people have polite habit, are cheerful, clean and tidy.

     For information, contact at Office of Tourism and Sports Mae, Address: 105/6, Khunlumprapas Road, Mueang District, Mae Hong Son 58000 Tel 0-5361-1146.