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Visit Laem Saphan Hin, Phuket
Pay respect to the sea and make a wish at… Kiew Thian Keng Shrine

          Saphan Hin Park is located on an area of approximately 207 rais, lying to the end of Phuket road to meet the sea in the city. There is a main monument of 60 years, reproducing from mining bucket as a symbol of this place since 1968 to the present. Saphan Hin Park has been a popular recreational place Phuket people all along. Here consists of a variety of natural green trees through the area, where you can experience the ecology of mangrove forest and sea in the city and see scenery of Phuket across a wide area, with the shade of pine trees covering both sides of the street all the way before the Laem Saphan Hin. Therefore, it is a popular spot for a drive under the pine trees, including picnic and activities. It also is a location of center of sports, swimming pool, public computer center, youth center, which are the responsibility of Phuket Municipality, and Kiew Thian Keng Shrine, the place to Kiew Tian Lia L, the goddess, and as for ceremony in the vegetarian festival during April of every year.

          The importance of the shrine, besides being a place that idol of Kiew Thian Hian Lue is enshrined as principal idol of the shrine, is also the place that a lot of other Chinese gods according to the belief of many Thai peoples of Chinese ethnic, especially goddess. In addition, in the area of ​​the shrine, if you stand at the gate of the shrine and turn to look out toward the Saphan Hin, you will see a landscape of vast and beautiful sea. And if you look from the end of Laem Saphan Hin up to the shrine, you will see as a traditional Chinese architecture which is a beautiful and valuable landmark on the Phuket Island.

          On the last day of the Vegetarian Festival every year, this Kiew Thian Keng Shrine is bustling and full with people, because the various shrines in Phuket arrange the parades of Chinese Gods to hold a gods sending ceremony at this Laem Saphan Hin and there are many people of faith and visitors to participate in this ceremony.

          For more information, contact on TAT Phuket Office, at 191 Thalang Road, Talad Yai, Mueang, Phuket 83000 Tel.0 ​​7621 1036.