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Chiang Mai Night Safari
Every minute is amazing

          Chiang Mai Night Safari was established by the state agency. It is located in Chiang Mai with a total area of ​​819 rai, which is about 10 kilometers away from the heart of Chiang Mai to the airport and close to Royal Park Ratchaphruek. It is the largest night safari in the world and is larger than Singapore's Night Safari 2 times.

          Initially, Chiang Mai Night Safari was aimed for visitors to study the nature of wildlife in the night time, which will open from evening till night. But it has been changed and is aimed to be a Nature Theme Park opening throughout the day, from 11:00 hr. to 22:00hr, different from other zoos and safaris focusing on natural science, studies of living of wildlife from various continents around the world, where visitors can experience the life of animals all over the world. And visitors will be able to study the behavior of wild animals closely too, rare to see. In addition, the Chiang Mai Night Safari also offers many activities for visitors to participate in such as Day Safari, Night Safari, and Behind the Zoo. And at the zone of restaurants, there also is a Safari Dancing Show, magnificent with the show of mixed media on the water which you will be awaken to the sound and light of a large curtain spring, sized 7 x 31 meters, decorated with shining laser lights on the water curtain as the beautiful scene, and enjoy with movement of the water together with the melodic rhythm of music and be excited with the show of white tigers and lions in different forms, such as Gangnam style of dance, high jump, long jump, walking across a man, jump through dimensions in styles of the specialized coach, Tiger Man, starred by "Justin", the snow leopard, "Messi" and "Maya", the white tiger.

          Chiang Mai Night Safari offers you the dozens of guiding vehicles so that you do not have to be tired at walking, providing  service for about 15 -20 minutes per round. The Day Safari event will start at 15.00 to 16.30 hr and the Night Safari will start at 19.00 hrs. In each vehicle, there will be an officer or tour guide providing information of animals.

         For further information, inquire at Chiang Mai Night Safari Office, Phone: +66 5399 9079 or Email: